Ball jointed doll as sex toy

I have a beautiful photo book by Leonard Nimoy yup thats right Spock does artistic photography now that does have some nude photos in it. Just because BJDs are anatomically correct does not mean that they are "sex dolls". I am simply interested in hearing peoples thoughts on this delicate subject. I would assume with all the hate I see of her online and the closing of her shop for possibly a 2nd time she would just give up by now, but I guess scammer gotta scam. So i'd like to take that first step and begin the debate. If they would like to further the story and personalities of their dolls, taking pics of nudity, sexual acts may just be a way of expressing this for them. She blames NZ post for the items not arriving.

Ball jointed doll as sex toy

So throwing some questions onto the field for you to discuss: It is simply an attempt to get them as realistic to life as possible. How do you handle just plain doll nudity in photographs? Here's her blog if you feel like sifting through trash to find some more info to post on her: Oh, and not to mention she' s also racist and hates immigrants lol. I have it displayed at my house on a shelf and my mother saw it and was immediately offended by it. I kept getting off on rabbit trails. Is the cultural barrier something that changes peoples opinions on sexual content in doll photography? Would it be acceptable for someone to photograph a naked Barbie over a naked BJD? She apparently has a long history of scamming in the BJD community. So please don't direct your posts against me as if i was asking you these questions I won't be offended if you do however. Simply put, put it where it belongs. Whether or not they choose to engage in sexual activities or pose nude for photoshoots. She blames NZ post for the items not arriving. What about if the sexual scenes are of a form of rape or abuse? If you are sensitive to the discussion of sexual content then please do not read or reply to this post. People still throw a shitload of money doll clothes are hella expensive at her and then wonder when it never gets to them. One would think that' s enough to scare potential buyers of, but y' all know what? All those 'I bought from hellcorgi, I hope I will be lucky'-confessions are pure. I was quite nervous about starting it to begin with. She's threatened to commit suicide over her shop being closed, but it looks like that was an empty threat unfortunately because now she's opening a new shop on Store Envy. But I do understand how someone can get offended by it. I think that's enough questions to get you started on a discussion. Lastly I do not see it as wrong to put your dolls in relationship same sex or otherwise. When most people here dolls they think baby dolls or child play things and do not understand that the BJD community usually consists of someone 14 or older who has some sense of what sexuality is.

Ball jointed doll as sex toy

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Making The World's First Male Sex Doll: Slutever

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  1. I think that's enough questions to get you started on a discussion. Not to bring up religion but as Christianity is a major religion in the United States artists that take nude pictures will always get some person that does not approve of their work.

  2. They are your dolls, you bought them. Whilst one person may have come from a society where nudity and sex are considered to be beautifull things, another may have come from a society where such subjects are considered unacceptable.

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