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It's definitely not the kind of bar to be obnoxiously drunk at in my opinion. All drinks are amazing and reasonably priced!! Their personality and vibe really connected with me and I would highly recommend coming here. The menu has a great variety of drinks and they can even make whatever you're feeling like! The drink was super tasty and refreshing. When I wanted a pineapple Malibu to change the Tokyo taste out of my mouth It's a chill atmosphere with good vibes and friendly service. The chairs and benches are so unique and interesting.

Blog ana sex while smoking crack

The closest one is right behind the bar. It tasted like too good to be true with little to no grease dripping from the burger but it was like a delicious, juicy burger. This one's for you Tokyo: This is a great place to stop by for a drink after work or just to catch up with friends. This is after visiting the bar ONE time. Their drinks are strong and made with care. Even the restrooms gave me a cabana vibe. Really raw, as in the way it tasted and served It has matcha green tea but I couldn't really taste it--mostly a lil sour from the calpico I'm assuming. Didn't spend much time at this bar. The way it was presented reminded me of buying ground beef that's wrapped in Saran Wrap on a styrofoam platter S E R V I C E - Called on a busy night, was able to book a reservation couple hours before heading there - Server was exceptional - Unique drinks - Different crowds of people coming in since its DTSA where people can bar hop Wished I took pictures of the Instagram-worthy walls to make this experience worth it. If you are in the Santa Ana area definitely check it out. Pork Belly Lollipops - 4 pieces of well marinated and not too fatty pork belly in a bed of tokyo turnip puree Spiralized Potato - Market Price. A great example of a drink being made with care is the quality of the ice cube that's in a whisky drink. Another thing that was uncool, was that someone spilled their drink on our table and the busboy came by to clean it up. The spot itself is pretty big, so maybe it wouldn't be too bad if you're with a lot of friends. Tokyo was the absolute worst drink, which is sad because the presentation is the cutest. The drink started glowing after the bartender poured our drink. The London tastes like the wine Stella Black without the fizz!! What took this experience down for me were their signature cocktail list. We had visited when they had first opened and were hoping for an equally as great experience. It tasted like a pressed juice with a kick Most restaurants will give you cloudy ice cubes, but not Vacation Bar! The reason I would come back here is for the cocktails. I loved the ambiance, great music, and bartenders are really friendly. The cocktails are creative and thoughtful, each named after a city around the world.

Blog ana sex while smoking crack

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  1. The drinks are awesome and the bartenders know their stuff from the classics to the odd and interesting.

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