Britney spears new sex tape 2009

The paparazzi photographer is reportedly trying to sell the full two-hour version, which is said to contain twenty minutes of full sex after a long session of foreplay, to the highest bidder. At its peak, Britney was everywhere: I Did It Again " famously took place on Mars, while her video for " Kill the Lights " found a cartoon Britney orbiting on a spaceship. But it's on track 5, "Man on the Moon" that we're treated to our first traces of being infallible as Spears expresses patience in waiting for a mysterious man on the moon Andy Kaufman, perhaps? Track fourteen, "Liar," is best summed up via this tweet: Yaaaassss Vocalney on "What You Need"!!! Glory saved my life One listen to glory and my ass got bigger, my nose got smaller, my tiddies and biceps are juiced for the lord godney herself. Having middled a bit on the previous two tracks, Britney turns the album out by bringing the heat and dialing it up to an all-out inferno for the album's 12th and final track, "What You Need," giving pure, unexpected vocal-ney. And though heavily vocoded at times, Glory gives perhaps the strongest indication that Britney Spears is a vocal force, albeit a gentle one.

Britney spears new sex tape 2009

Track fourteen, "Liar," is best summed up via this tweet: This track is the most Britney Jean-triggering of the bunch in its lack of distinctiveness and its over-reliance on bringing in the beat when it should have brought, ya know, the B. Britney was admitted to hospital in January twice on mental health issues, but is now recovering, and has just returned from holidaying in Costa Rica at actor Mel Gibson's vacation home. And sure, listening to "Britney Spears real singing voice" on YouTube, a video that has amassed over 7 million views, might draw the obvious conclusion that Spears is no Whitney Houston. What this does not consider is the very real concept that a voice is malleable, not fixed, and can improve over time see: Love me down - Britney Spears. Of course, this isn't her first time she's engaged in a galactic motif; 's " Oops! Flexing her Spanish-speaking muscle, which is to say three words, Britney's voice is front row center against subtle guitar licks that crescendo into an ear-friendly chorus on the album's fourteenth track "Change Your Mind No Seas Cortes " Translation: Baby One More Time. Interest in her music waned, as did the quality of it. Five bonus tracks on the deluxe edition? Thankfully, the bad taste is quickly swished away with the album's eighth track, the refreshingly playful "Slumber Party," which continues the already-established notion that Ms. The sex wasn't particularly kinky but Britney wears a pink wig throughout. A Huffington Post report found her to be "the most-searched celebrity since basically the inception of the internet. If I'm Dancing is a spiritual experience Wendy: The album may not win her her second Grammy Award despite a Twitter campaign grammy4glory , but Glory is the album Britney needed to help rebuild her brand, more importantly, the album her loyal fans deserved. See for her legion of fans, colloquially known as the Britney Army , she is Britney, bitch — a touchstone for a generation that came of age in a post-Madonna, pre-Ariana America. So commanding, so energetic!!! It's not a banger nor a ballad, but rather a mid-tempo opener that establishes a level of musicianship not heard in nearly a decade since her effort, Blackout. Having middled a bit on the previous two tracks, Britney turns the album out by bringing the heat and dialing it up to an all-out inferno for the album's 12th and final track, "What You Need," giving pure, unexpected vocal-ney. I'm always here for Britney, but Clumsy is so bad, y'all. But it wasn't just the diehards that were doling out praise. Track 13, "Better" is like the fries at In-N-Out Burger, fine that they came with the meal, but not what anyone came for. Apparently having discovered this mysterious moon man, Britney is down to business asking for "just love and a little bit of patience" on track 6, "Just Luv Me," the album's rumored second single. In , a year-old Britney Jean Spears stormed pop culture, declaring the end of her innocence from the Mickey Mouse Club with a breakout hit, " She was wearing some cheap clothes. Me listening to this new Britney Spears albumpic.

Britney spears new sex tape 2009

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