Causes of vaginal bleeding after sex

I had a macronewborn 9lb5oz and yet a seamless delivery of which I can only imagine was because of her expertise. I want to express my appreciation to the staff in the Glenn Mitchell office. Anyone who engages in sexual intercourse can experience postcoital bleeding. Burns seems to know what is doing so my experience was good. What are the causes? Your expert surgery seems to have gone very well and for that I am grateful. This is a wonderful practice. Efficient, honest with claims insurance as well as patient care. I loved this office and cannot wait to return for my future appointments.

Causes of vaginal bleeding after sex

Injury Bleeding after sex is fairly common and may have many different causes. Cervical ectropion Glandular cells from the inside of the cervical canal can abnormally grow on the outside of the cervix. She has never made me feel like a question was too mundane and if I'm seeing her my wait time is 5 minutes or less. Katie and Bionca did such a great job when I came in for an appointment. The friendly faces, warm smiles, and yummy Cheezits are more than a plus. There's not a lot more to say other than It's just a great group of doctors and nurses. Also the entire front desk are rock stars! It is the best in Virginia Beach. The staff was also very nice, especially Julie she made me feel comfortable on my 2nd visit. This is just a token of my appreciation and your reminder of how amazing you are! I was embarrassed going to see her but was not embarrassed at all after meeting her. I want to express my appreciation to the staff in the Glenn Mitchell office. I appreciate all you have done on my behalf and I think the quality of my life is going to be so much better. I love this practice. She explained everything that was going to happen and ensured that my modesty was kept, even during the procedure. So far I've met with Dr. This is a wonderful practice. He spent time ensuring that all of my concerns were addressed adequately. Douching can irritate and dry vaginal tissues. I loved that during my initial visit, they outlined all of the things that may or may not be covered by my specific insurance company, just so there wouldn't be any surprises down the line. I wanted to write to thank Dr. Estrogen therapy If your vaginal dryness is caused by menopause or removal of the ovaries, talk with your doctor about estrogen therapy. Topical estrogen products include vaginal estrogen creams and suppositories. However, they drop almost immediately after childbirth, because estrogen can interfere with the production of breast milk. I felt very comfortable and well-treated. Lucy at the front desk was super friendly and caring.

Causes of vaginal bleeding after sex

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Reasons You're Bleeding After Sex

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  1. I have seen a number of the doctors as well as the medical assistants and they have all been friendly, helpful and made me feel comfortable through this crazy process.

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