Community based youth sex offender treatment

The second trial i. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. Progression and interplay of theory, research, and practice. In addition, ATSA b recently took the step of developing separate assessment and treatment standards for adult and juvenile sexual offenders, based on the recognition that developmental differences between adults and children demand separate intervention strategies. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Research progress on effectiveness, transportability, and dissemination of empirically supported treatments: Indeed, the success of such treatments may be due to their explicit focus on ameliorating key social-ecological factors associated with sexual and other criminal offending in juveniles, including behavior problems, parental disturbance, problematic family relations, peer relations difficulties, and poor school performance.

Community based youth sex offender treatment

Journal of Clinical Child Psychology. Pessimism About Sexual Offender Treatment Effectiveness A third contributing factor to the lack of treatment outcome research is a general consensus that treatment does not work. We believe that the presumed need for specialized treatment for juvenile sexual offenders, coupled with the popularity of the CBT-RP model for adult sexual offenders, likely contributed to the unbridled acceptance of the NAPN recommendations and a willingness among professionals from various disciplines to ignore the lack of treatment outcome research for juvenile sexual offenders. The first was a federally-funded study that began in and aimed to examine the feasibility of treating high risk sex offenders in community settings. Treating chronic juvenile offenders: Effects on adolescent social ecology and criminal activity. Likewise, juvenile sexual offenders have verbal skills i. Male adolescent sexual assaulters: Psychopathy and recidivism in adolescent sex offenders. A model for developing effective treatments: For example, a frequent emphasis on reduction of deviant sexual arousal does not correspond with what is known about juveniles who sexually offend. National Academy Press; Washington, D. Journal of Research and Treatment. From this perspective, it is assumed that problematic individual behaviors and symptoms are intimately related to patterns of interaction between family members and must always be understood within the context of those interaction patterns. In sum, the need for more effective treatment approaches than the CBT-RP model for juvenile sexual offenders seems clear. Children as victims of violence: The positive outcomes demonstrated by the two efficacy trials laid the foundation for our current effectiveness trial funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. International standards for the assessment and treatment of juvenile sexual offenders as distinguished from adults have also been recently published Miner et al. Significantly fewer youths in the MST condition were rearrested for sexual crimes Moreover, because there is considerable overlap in the correlates of juvenile sexual offending and nonsexual offending, it seems reasonable to suggest that broad-based treatments that are effective with nonsexually offending delinquent youths may hold some promise for the treatment of sexual offenders as well Milloy, Report on nationwide survey of juvenile and adult sex-offender treatment programs and providers, Manual for structured group treatment with adolescent sex offenders. Research on transporting evidence-based interventions to real-world settings should also be prioritized, so that the best interventions are made widely available while retaining a high level of treatment integrity. Given the apparent disconnect between the drivers of juvenile sexual offending behavior and the prevailing treatment approach i. As described in subsequent sections of this paper, findings from several studies already support the potential viability of MST with juvenile sexual offenders.

Community based youth sex offender treatment

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  1. To more fully account for clinical issues relevant to juveniles who sexually offend, investigators have adapted MST for use with this population, specified the adaptation in a supplemental therapist training manual, and developed a training program for therapists and supervisors.

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