Computer sex crimes in new jesey

Get Live Help Now. Moreover, Attorney Cohen understands how the NJ legal system works, so she can potentially challenge the constitutionality of the police search of your home and seizure of your computer. In fact, raising defenses early in the legal process often results in a dismissal of the charges or potential charges. He was always available to answer my questions, and never let me lose hope. Delivering accurate understanding of the offense and the cause is key in handling the complex and sensitive allegations. South Jersey criminal defense attorney Jill Cohen utilizes computer experts to analyze data and evaluate evidence in internet sex crime cases. It is usual for one to be sent to prison for up to 20 years in the federal system for these crimes. Moreover, NJ law enforcement authorities have been known to set up online sting operations and to monitor online social networking sites for evidence of criminal activity. This lawyer was a total lifesaver!

Computer sex crimes in new jesey

If charges are handled early, they may even be pled to a minor disorderly persons offense. Our Attorneys Have the Resources to Fight Child Pornography Charges Our strong child pornography defense team includes experts and analysts who can present evidence to support your innocence. Contact our New Jersey child pornography lawyer Child pornography charges can be notoriously difficult to defend in a court of law and therefore it is important to have experienced and savvy legal representation that can help you rebut or contradict the evidence gathered by the police. A person who engages in sexual conduct which would impair or debauch the morals of a minor can be charged with second degree endangering the welfare of a child. Child pornography possession and distribution Obscene material possession Disseminating harmful matter to a minor Identify and defend violations to your constitutional rights Effectively raising the correct legal defenses is key in exposing violations to your rights and making your case. The best way to protect yourself against potentially invasive and unconstitutional law enforcement tactics is to have a skilled South Jersey criminal defense lawyer on your side. Most often, possession and distribution of child pornography charges are best handled before trial so that a skilled criminal defense attorney can help the defendant avoid the most severe penalties. I was one of who knows how many defendants in this case, and I read on the Internet that almost everyone in federal court end up with a prison sentence, so I was really scared. A simple action of pressing the forward button on a computer can cause lifelong consequences that may jeopardizes high school completion, college entrance, scholarships, school loans, campus housing, employment opportunities and even future professional licenses. A person who knowingly distributes an image or video of a child being abused or exploited can also be charged with a second degree felony. Entrapment in Child Pornography Cases The issue of entrapment often arises in child pornography defense cases. Through the forensic reports, our attorneys can present a technically solid defense on your behalf. Our attorneys are sensitive to the anxiety and humiliation that a Child Pornography accusation renders. You have to see this lawyer in court! High fines, restitution and loss of job and other opportunities are also attendant consequences of such a prosecution. Friedman to represent my son in a criminal matter that could have landed him in jail. Retain your freedom and protect your rights against internet sex crime charges Strategic defense ensures your case is handled ethically An effective defense strategy can make the difference between you being convicted of a serious Internet Sex Crime and being marked for life as a sexual predator — and retaining your freedom. If entrapment is a factor in your case, our attorneys will determinedly challenge the prosecution until you prevail. He stayed with me throughout the entire process. He got my charges dismissed, and the record expunged. If your computer has been seized by the police, waste no time seeking out legal counsel. This lawyer was a total lifesaver! CLICK HERE to Contact Us Today and Arrange Your Free Consultation Specialized criminal defense lawyers for internet sex crimes Our criminal lawyers recognize the difficult nature of defending a computer sex crime and its complexities and have dedicated a portion of our criminal practice to crafting the best available defenses to these specific offenses, including allegations of: One of the most common internet sex crimes in New Jersey is child pornography possession. Many innocent actions end up in Superior Court, where you face mandatory prison sentences. My first lawyer, who told me that I would probably spend at least some time in prison, barely gave me the time of day after I paid him. Contact the Law Offices of Jill R.

Computer sex crimes in new jesey

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Criminal Lawyers Defending Sex Crimes in New Jersey

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