Council on sex offender treatment ethics

Coercion can be a form of motivation, and is often used for that purpose in various contexts to compel an act or choice. While this practice is perhaps seemingly narcissistic or grandiose on the part of sex offender treatment specialists, it is necessary. Nonetheless, there are four basic purposes to criminal sentencing: Both the APA and the NASW codes of ethics acknowledge that psychologists and social workers must adhere to specific standards for working with mandated clients. Subsequent licensing periods will be 24 months. All renewal applicants may count a maximum of 6 online hours per biennial renewal period not including ethic hours. Although the behavior of some sex offenders is ego-syntonic, most are indeed disturbed by their behavior and desire to improve their functioning in law-abiding activities and age-appropriate relationships.

Council on sex offender treatment ethics

Finally, this paper will discuss the existing code of ethics that pertains specifically to the treatment of sex offenders, which has been established by the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers Ethical sex offender treatment requires training and expertise unfamiliar to most mental health professionals. Encouraging clients to withhold information relevant to assessment and treatment impairs their ability to receive appropriate interventions. Of course, clients have the right to choose the extent to which they disclose information in treatment. It is widely accepted in the medical profession that a license to practice medicine does not imply expertise in the treatment of all medical conditions. Both the APA and the NASW codes of ethics acknowledge that psychologists and social workers must adhere to specific standards for working with mandated clients. Finally, Glaser suggested that sex offender programs control clients in a manner akin to brainwashing Glaser: Many sex offender clients who are court ordered to receive treatment are initially angry, resistant, and unwilling to admit responsibility for their crimes. We are all familiar with professional ethics and state laws allowing exceptions to confidentiality under specific circumstances which involve threat of harm to oneself or others. They may well use concerns over their rights as excuses for avoiding important therapeutic issues Glaser: If one had a brain tumor, he would not seek medical services from a family practitioner or a dermatologist. C Failure to furnish this information or knowingly providing false information during the audit process or the renewal process are grounds for disciplinary action against the licensee. If a client claims to have been wrongly convicted by a jury, his denial is more properly addressed in a legal setting rather than a clinical setting. New research has suggested that denial is associated with lower levels of therapeutic engagement and treatment progress Levenson and Macgowan In the United States, sex offender treatment is bound by federal HIPPA regulation which specifies the limitations of disclosures to any outside parties unless approved by the client. Denial is a common problem in sex offenders presenting for treatment, and most practitioners agree that it is necessary for offenders to overcome denial in order for treatment to be effective Marshall, Thornton, Marshall, Fernandez, and Mann Contemporary jurisprudence recognizes the need for an interdisciplinary response to crime, and courts have increasingly come to rely upon the collaboration of judges, court personnel, probation officers, and treatment providers National Criminal Justice Reference Source Coercion can be a form of motivation, and is often used for that purpose in various contexts to compel an act or choice. S ix hours shall be in ethics, 12 hours shall be in sex offender assessment and treatment, and 6 hours shall be in victim-related training. To suggest that clear breaches of traditional codes of ethics pervade all aspects of sex offender programs is equally erroneous. It is true that researchers and practitioners recognize that many sex offenders will not seek treatment voluntarily because they enjoy what they are doing and do not want to stop. The licensee shall be responsible for maintaining a record of his or her continuing education experiences. However, we believe that this practice does not constitute a breach unless the client is denied informed consent. So, although non- clinicians or unqualified staff can be found in all areas of mental health, the published ethics and standards of sex offender treatment clearly define and emphasize the importance of competent practice. Courts and society have become less willing to tolerate the behavior of persons who threaten the safety of the community. Whether they are motivated to become sexually healthy adults, or simply want to avoid being re-arrested or incarcerated, many sex offenders articulate a wish to change the self-destructive patterns that led them to hurt others and suffer personal consequences.

Council on sex offender treatment ethics

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  1. Marshall does not advocate for coercive therapy; rather, he advocates for interventions that promote personal responsibility, reinforced through negative sanctions punishment combined with positive reinforcement treatment gains.

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