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She moved her body slightly as she spread her legs open a little wider. Her breathing was now heavier than before but I was sure she was still sleeping. Her nipples were hard little buds as I rolled them softly between my fingertips. All these deprived sexual thoughts ran through my mind. My right arm was resting softly on her side, just below her breasts near her smooth belly. Did I do it right? As she shuddered with orgasm, I erupted deep inside her, filling her with three huge spurts of cum. Erin slowly sat up and looked deep into my eyes, "I love you daddy. My cock was throbbing as I entered my bedroom, locked the door and dropped my shorts to my ankles.

Dadddy daughter sex videos on table

I slowly pulled out of her tight teenage cunt, held only the head of my cock inside her, then slowly pushed forward until her soft butt cheeks pressed against my thighs. Erin's pussy mound was encased by the thin yellow frabric of her bikini but it was the ultimate sexual sight for me. Her smooth tanned back, small waist, down to her perfect heart shaped ass was a sight like out of a porn movie. Now it was my turn for a smile from ear to ear. I could tell the feeling was getting better for her every second. Hold the shaft loosely with your hand and let it move slowly up and down my cock as you bob your head. Now you may ask what's the big deal but in the past she always wore a robe or wrapped a towel around her bottom around me as she left the pool. My sexy little teenage daughter stood in front of me and tried to look as sexy as she slowly gyrated her hips. As the days have passed by, I've noticed my daughter's attire getting sexier and more revealing. Erin's breathing changed ever so slightly as I continued to knead and squeeze her small young teenage breast. Slowly I pushed downward, my fingers passed softly over a very light growth of pussy hair as I gently cupped my daughter's pussy mound. This woman, this girl however was my gorgeous 14 year old daughter. I couldn't remember ever cumming so hard in my life, not since I was a tennager. All these deprived sexual thoughts ran through my mind. I quickly slipped off all my clothes and put on a pair of sweat shorts and a tank top. I never thought anything could feel that good! It was a sight every man secretly lusts to see, a beautiful teenage woman sucking his cock. My cock was again rock hard in seconds, pressing out against my shorts as I stared at her sweet little ass. I needed more, I just had to feel her pussy as I was aroused now beyond caring if she woke up and caught me. She moaned and whimpered softly as her orgasm slowly subsided until she pushed my hand away from her sensitive clit. Her sweet pussy mound was exposed from behind, lips slightly parted with her juices glistening. She placed her soda on the table. I stopped just above her panties, caressing her smooth soft belly as my mind raced, should I go further? As the pain passed, she was now overcome with this feeling of being filled up completely as her pussy contracted and squeezed my cock, slowly relaxing to the invading member now deep inside her body. Although she was sleeping, her body was beginning to respond to her father's sexual caresses. As the waves of orgasm began to pass, I pulled my now semi-erect cock from my daughters pussy and sat down on the floor against the couch. My heart pounding with lust, within seconds, I groaned loudly as I shot a huge load of cum into the air, mostly landing on my chest.

Dadddy daughter sex videos on table

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