Find out what sex your baby is

Watch it all unfold. Lots of greens, yellows, and reds -- all absent the gender stereotypes parents like myself and MJ are trying to move away from in general. Don't get frustrated if the doctor can't tell what the baby's sex is on ultrasound. Everything is competing for our attention and it constantly feels like information overload! Not finding out the sex cuts off this avenue of discussion completely. It's really quite interesting to hear the theories bandied about by these baby soothsayers, which all seem to have been handed down by grandparents and great-grandparents and are NEVER wrong.

Find out what sex your baby is

That's a decision that has drawn some mixed reactions and opinions to say the least, but it's one my wife and I stand behind percent. The position of the baby during the ultrasound is key, and if your baby's curled up or facing the wrong way, you may have to wait until your next appointment. Finding out right then and there in the moment was absolutely fantastic. That's true, it is. Making people uncomfortable and bucking societal norms is basically a part-time job for me, so the contrarian in me revels in their obvious discomfort. This piece originally appeared on The Daddy Files , which you can follow on Facebook. We've even had people tell us we are wrong and that we're ridiculous for not finding out. Most of the time, we either know about something before it happens, or find out straight after. I knew because MJ carried low. But as usual, she was absolutely right. The 20 week scan can take a long time, as each check is performed. Added Motivation in the Delivery Room This one is mainly for the ladies. Finding out at a scan is exciting, but finding out at the birth is something else entirely. For obvious reasons, it's usually easier to see if your baby is a boy. You Can Avoid Gender Stereotyping No-one could possibly know the gender of your baby during pregnancy — all you can find out is the sex. Some women claim that not knowing the sex of their baby encouraged them to push harder, because they were excited to finally find out the sex of their baby. You'll know soon enough; in the meantime, just buy green or yellow clothes and accessories! Especially when my wife was pregnant with our second. Delaying Stupid Stereotypes If we found out the sex at 18 weeks, that means I'd have 22 weeks to listen to people moronically babble on about what it means to have a boy or girl. If people knew we were having another boy it'd be "Oh man, MJ is gonna be so outnumbered" and "Oh Lots of greens, yellows, and reds -- all absent the gender stereotypes parents like myself and MJ are trying to move away from in general. I bet you really wanted a girl! People say if you're "carrying high" it's a girl, and low means boy. Then you get to announce it to friends and relatives dying to know and celebrate with you. At first I was ridiculously angry, but she kept on telling me how great of a surprise it'd be and that it was worth the wait. Who knows, that ounce of added motivation just might be the thing that gets you geared up for that final tough push.

Find out what sex your baby is

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