Fun wives tales to tell the sex of the baby

In Scotland, a newborn child is said to remain under 'the fairy spells' until it has sneezed for the first time. By contrast, members of the opposite sex should never dry themselves on the same towel as this will invariably lead to a quarrel between them. It is unlucky to cut fingernails on a Friday or Sunday. The Romans would leave a servant on duty to stop someone entering left foot first the forerunner of the modern footman. Bread and salt German.

Fun wives tales to tell the sex of the baby

There is a lot of belief in 'reading the tea-leaves' to predict the future. Old Wives' Tale 8: They that wash on Saturday, Oh, they are slow indeed! Crossed fingers imitating the sign of the cross wards off bad luck. To be rich, point your head to the east; to travel widely, the west. Theocritus has it, 'My right eye itches now and I shall see my love. They that wash on Tuesday, are not so much awry. They that wash on Thursday, Wash for shame. It is very lucky to sneeze at exactly the same time as someone else you are with. Decorate that nursery in pink. Its use in the tradition of 'first footing' on New Year's Eve is well known. They that wash on Friday, Wash in need. It is unlucky to enter the house for the first time by the back door, as this entrance is not protected against evil spirits. As such, a sudden loss of hair is unlucky, forecasting a decline in health, loss of property or failure in business, or the death of a closely related child. They that wash on Tuesday, Are not so much awry. Umbilical Cord Drama Tale: You will always get the best night's sleep if your bed is positioned in a north-south direction with your head to the south - this will ensure a long life. Spend more time brainstorming boy names. Well into the nineteenth century a new husband became liable for any debts previously incurred by his bride but, if the girl went to the altar weaning no more than her dress, any creditors would take pity on such an obviously poor young soul and not wish to compound the problems in her new life by pressing their bills. The Romans would leave a servant on duty to stop someone entering left foot first the forerunner of the modern footman. It is unlucky to sweep any dust or waste material directly out of the house, as this will carry the good luck with it. Conversely, the hand of an executed criminal, cut from his body while still on the gallows, was said to have healing powers as well as providing its owners with the ability to commit crime and robbery without fear of detection by stupefying all those who saw it. Old Wives' Tale 4: Heart Rate Decoder Does heart rate point to gender? A shoelace which comes undone as you set off on a venture is unlucky; if you tie someone else's shoe laces up you should make a wish as it is lucky. Never waste leftover morsels of pastry or dough from making bread or cakes, or the whole baking will be ruined.

Fun wives tales to tell the sex of the baby

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  1. Your physical movements will not dictate the position of the umbilical cord; the activeness of the little one will partially determine this.

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