Girl has sex while dad sleeps

I kissed her mouth but she was unable to kiss back, barely able to breath. He told her daughter she was not going anywhere dressed like a slut! I undressed down to a t-shirt and briefs. Mom then reached over and grabbed a few tissues from the nightstand. One of her legs was bent which left her panties slightly visible.

Girl has sex while dad sleeps

My cock sprang to attention. I undressed down to a t-shirt and briefs. However, a few months ago, I wanted to take it further and begin a sexual relationship with her. I went back upstairs to my room and started getting ready for bed. I began caressing her legs as we both watched the movie. I pushed my six-inch cock the rest of the way in and began to thrust in and out, in and out. I slid my hand inside her panties and felt the soft tufts of pubic hair. I returned to my bedroom unsure if Mom would acquiesce. I spent the next few minutes licking and sucking on them. The squishing sounds mixed with her moans were almost too much to handle for me. She ran her fingers through my hair as we made out on the edge of the bed. She sat down facing away from me on the edge of the bed. I slid my briefs off and my erect cock sprang out. She had a nice figure with small B cup breasts, soft creamy skin, and a cute heart-shaped ass. Her legs were flailing as I thrust my cock deep inside her one final time. I debated the idea back and forth for a few minutes before I got the courage to make my move. We had playfully flirted with each other for years. She pressed them against her pussy to soak up the cum that was now dripping out of her. I began rubbing and fingering her cunt as her pubic hair became matted with her juices. After a few more minutes, I leaned over and gave her a kiss on the check. The slutty blonde is definitely a tease! I kissed the inside of her silky smooth quivering thighs. Mom slowly tilted her head back and moaned. Advertisements The movie was one of those sappy Lifetime movies that my mom loved. I slowly ran my hands down until I was cupping her tits..

Girl has sex while dad sleeps

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  1. I collapsed on top of her and our lips locked in a passionate kiss. I could feel her pussy gripping my cock as it disappeared inside her.

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