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However, the fabric was kind of clingy so I could see the contours of her tits as they jiggled nicely as she moved around. As Barb kicked her panties off, she slipped and fell backwards onto the couch, halfway between sitting up and laying down. As I was going to head up to my bedroom before I got caught, I turned off the TV, grabbed the throw blanket from the back of the couch and lay it over the two sleeping girls. We all came pretty close together and fell asleep again. We continued to move slowly together, trying to make this moment last as long as we could as the pleasure of our union continued to build and grow. I already had a hard-on pressed into her ass cheeks and my right hand was lightly holding her breast.

Hey sister look at this sex

Barb quickly slid down to my cock and taking me in her mouth proceeded to finish sucking me dry. So now, every couple of days, we get together and go down on each other, but I never let him come in my mouth. I ate dinner faster than I can ever remember doing. When she rolled back towards us, completely naked, I felt her hands at my waist as she undid my belt, unzipped my pants and began to pull off the rest of my clothes. I got up, ran upstairs, stripped naked and was back next to them in about 20 seconds. When we next woke up, it was almost noon and Jenny and I realized that our parents would soon be home, so we ran around erasing all evidence of our sex play. At this time, Barb rolled away from us long enough to unzip her pants, push them down to her ankles with her panties and then kick them over to the floor. Besides, she seems to be enjoying it. Then you just went back to sleep again so we cleaned you up again and put you to bed. I stopped dead in my tracks and stared at her. Jenny pulled her feet up close to her ass and spread her knees apart as we began to move together as if we had done this for years. I pushed in about half way on the first thrust, pulled back until just the head was inside her and drove all the way up inside her. I fumbled around with the back of her bra for a minute, then figured out how to get it unfastened. Have you ever done anything with a boy? Barb moved a little and let out a low groan. She stopped long enough to pull my sisters hand over to my ballsack and showed her how to gently massage and tug on them to increase the experience. How much did he see? My arms collapsed and as I fell onto my sister I drove my cock as deeply as I could up into her cunt. Barb tried to stand up and fell over on top of my sister. Soon she was moaning loudly and then her hips gave several quick snap thrusts as she let out a long low gurgle of pleasure. I ate slowly so as to spend as much time as I could watching them out of the corner of my eye. I pulled out of Barb and began to rub at her slit with my fingers, then transferring her pussy juice to my cock shaft I managed to get myself thoroughly lubricated. My sister chugged the beer she already had and took the one that Barb offered her. Instead, I waited a minute, then began to slowly thrust in and out of her. I still like boys! It started with br

Hey sister look at this sex

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  1. Barb watched us for awhile, then she move down and started to suck on my softened cock again. Barb tried to stand up and fell over on top of my sister.

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