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She stumbled upon a blonde in the front yard and bashes her in the skull with a rock. Wren and Alex eventually fell in love, and went on several double dates with Charlotte and Archer before she returned to Rosewood to continue the "A" game. The gift is unveiled to be a portrait of a young Charles DiLaurentis accompanied by a young Jason and Alison at his 12th birthday party. Throughout " We've All Got Baggage ", Hanna further fuels the possibility that Melissa could have killed Charlotte by telling Spencer and Caleb how she ran into her at a fashion show in London, years prior to Charlotte's murder. Spencer then instructs Emily to continue following him so she can get a copy of the document at the town's city hall. At the end of the episode, it's revealed that Charlotte was in a secret relationship with Dr. A mysterious entity observes the Liars in a car before it drives off. A flashback reveals that Melissa spent the entire night drinking and sobbing at a bathroom in order to get over the fact that Charlotte dialed Wren to inform him that his partner had buried Bethany Young.

Hook up for sex in charlotte

When the murder weapon is revealed to be a nine iron in " New Guys, New Lies ", Aria, with Emily's assistance, tries to find out if Ezra is guilty. Charlotte's intentions were to lure Alison out of hiding, but things took a left turn when Shana set fire to the lodge. CeCe later leaves Aria and Wesley alone to go get some dinner and never returns. Dead or Alive ", it's revealed that Charlotte enlisted Jenna's help to track down her birth mother's whereabouts and come up with an alias for her faux psychiatrist revealed to be a wanted criminal in the previous episode. In " Hush, Hush, Sweet Liars ", Toby and Spencer study the replica map of Radley's floor plan and decide to head to the underground alley underneath Sara's hotel room to investigate it. As the Liars turn away to leave, Drake shows up in the doorway. Things get even more intricate when Wilson discloses to Hanna that said offspring was Charlotte and that he met his daughter prior to her sex change. She says that she found twelve Alex Drake's and none were related to her. There she finds Mona dressed like she used to in high school. Season 5[ edit ] In " Escape from New York ", CeCe is taken away by officer Barry Maple to be sent to jail, however, at some point she knocks him unconscious, steals his cop car and heads off to New York where Alison and the Liars are. Alex insinuates that Charlotte wants Spencer all to herself, prompting her to disprove Alex's hints of jealousy by stating that she only views Spencer as a "Doll". During " The Melody Lingers On ", "Big A" shreds Paul Varjak's documents and uses the shredded paper to line Tippi's cage, paralleling an exact scene from the fourth season. She winds up calling Aria, to ask if she could help with the photos, since the first photographer she hired was unprofessional. Emily questions Mona whether or not she was responsible for Charlotte's homicide, but Mona states she didn't show up at the diner. Later, he reaches out to Hanna to talk and they meet up at Lucas' loft, where Wilson reveals to have lied about Mary's visit. The object happens to fit the description of whomever called Charlotte the night she was killed. In an attempt to spare her life, Marshall brought a gun to the deserted sight school as an act of self-defense and pretended to hold a grudge against the Liars. Ali also reveals that Drake was accountable for Wilden's murder. Detective Tanner later divulges to the Liars that someone dialed Charlotte from the Two Crows diner the night she passed away. The flask ends up pointing on Aria, but Big A turns it to Spencer and then, both of them drink the whiskey. The item contains two tickets to Rosewood High's prom. A mysterious entity observes the Liars in a car before it drives off. Aria is then seen bringing the comic to Rosewood High in the middle of the night. The content seems to be about a troubled boy who befriends a woman from outer space with magical powers. During " I'm Your Puppet ", it was revealed that CeCe had a visitor pass to Radley signed by Wren and that she was secretly visiting Mona while she was admitted at the institution.

Hook up for sex in charlotte

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