How do men like to be touched during sex

Here are a few places your man wants you to touch him during sex. His Hands With around touch receptors per square centimetre, his fingertips can be highly sensitive, so it makes sense to play with them to get all his senses on heightened alert. Yet you might be surprised to know that the male body also has particular erogenous zones, or trigger spots, that—when stimulated—will make his orgasms more powerful and your sex life better than ever. Men have a G-spot too which is located near their rectum. The thumb is actually a sexy spot for a lot of guys. His butt is definitely an ignored area while having sex. Giving him a massage when he comes home will get him in the mood for proving how manly he is in the sack. The scrotal sack is the loose skin that surrounds the testicles and that's what feels good to stimulate.

How do men like to be touched during sex

How many did you know about? Run a fingertip from his inner elbow, along towards his wrist on the inner arm, then across his palm to his middle digit. In fact, some studies show that electrical stimulation of these nerves can trigger orgasm. Ease into it slowly. Published on Apr 15, Likes. Sacrum How to find it: HIis Arms Often neglected during sex, the arms are a worthwhile passion pitstop — just try kissing your man on his inner bicep and see how he reacts! This will make him really focus on what each part of your body feels like. No guy can ever resist a few dirty whispers in his ear! Or, when he is lying on his stomach, try kissing a trail down his back, over his buttocks, and then gently nibbling along this fold and flicking it with your tongue before moving on to his inner thighs. Remember to keep it hygienic, though: How to incorporate spanking in your sex life 2. The tissues inside and surrounding the anus can get torn or damaged easily, so trim and clean your nails beforehand or put a condom on your finger. The prostate is internally located between the base of his penis and his anus so touching him on the outside of that area can externally stimulate the gland. Licking inside the belly button creates powerful sensations. Turn him on with a little smack when he is least expecting it. Swirl your fingers around in ever-decreasing circles towards his supersensitive nipples before diving in with your mouth. For total masochists, lightly running a pinwheel over his back, increasing pressure according to his tastes, will be just what he desires. Do you find yourself lost and clueless when it comes to hitting the right button in bed, with your man? This not only brings him closer to you but also raises the temperature between the sheets! It will keep blood flow in the area, increasing sensitivity and keeping them at attention. Then blow on his wet nipple — this will make the moisture evaporate, sending zingy sensations across his tip. Shutterstock Soles of His Feet How to find it: Touch them gently to make him feel like he is on top of the world! Men also respond hugely to sound. He will feel relaxed and aroused, both at the same time.

How do men like to be touched during sex

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  1. With him lying on his back, legs bent and facing you, insert your fingertip then gradually press in the full length, with your finger facing you.

  2. Published on Apr 15, Likes. Your best bet is to talk to your guy outside of the bedroom before you try to finger his anus so he doesn't get any unwanted surprises.

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