How to reduce your sex drive

Engaging in our environment and building relationships carries so many benefits that most of us are willing to take risks each day but, consciously or unconsciously, we can weigh our risks and benefits to help us determine which risks we are willing to take and which we are not. Step 5 Exercise frequently. But the price can be reduced sexual desire. Who wants to go to bed with an emotional monster? Tegretol and other drugs like it work by preventing impulses from traveling along the nerve cells, but therein lies the problem. The solution here could be as simple as carefully timing when you take the drug. Small-scale clinical trials have shown that maca extracts can heighten libido in men and improve semen quality, and maca has been shown to increase mating behavior in male mice and rats. Less popular are condoms and diaphragms.

How to reduce your sex drive

And when it comes to sex, stress makes your sex life suffer. Warnings Smoking and high stress also reduce your sex drive, but these are not recommended approaches to resolving your libido problems since they present issues of their own. But the underlying anxiety could be the real problem. Increased consumption of fat is associated with an increase of testosterone levels, but cutting back on fats--particularly saturated fats--will help bring your sex drive down. Lower quantity of sex hormones equals lower libido. Yes, I know what you're thinking, if you're not having sex, you're probably not getting pregnant. But what about us? Keep in mind, of course, that we are not medical professionals. This corresponds with an overall drop in male sex hormones androgens , a process called andropause. If a man experiences a significant drop in libido, that could indicate a medical condition. Step 6 Visit your doctor and ask about medications that might lower your sex drive. Link Kiefer May 2, , 6: Opioids Opioid medications can be a blessing in terms of pain relief, but a curse in terms of addiction and sex drive. And pine nuts are packed with zinc, critical for healthy sperm. Step 2 Eat a low-fat diet. In rare cases, even eye drops containing the beta blocker Timolol used to treat glaucoma can decrease libido, says Dering-Anderson. Bananas — Bananas are rich in the enzyme bromelain as are pineapples. Or you can try one of the many other birth control pills available. When we are stressed, our hormones levels take a dive. Many individuals have heightened sex drives that cause them to become distracted in the workplace and at home. This is about excessive, prolonged drinking. Stress impacts our fertility and our menstrual cycle. Exercise, relax, take a bath, drink one glass of wine not four , masturbate yes, I said masturbate , make out with your partner and delegate some responsibilities to others. If you suspect your low libido might be related to your medication, talk to your doctor. It brings up thoughts of all of the things I have yet to accomplish. But the price can be reduced sexual desire. A study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry found that 90 percent of men felt a noticeable libido boost after eating sauerkraut.

How to reduce your sex drive

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How to lower sex drive/libido

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  1. Plus, eggs are an excellent source of cholesterol, an important precursor to testosterone and estrogen. This is called amenorrhea and if stress-related, not a permanent condition.

  2. Sauerkraut — Fermented cabbage produces compounds known as isothiocyanates, shown in studies to prevent the growth of cancer cells. So what will you do to alleviate stress in ?

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