How to sex male guinea pigs

Each guinea pig has been positionedon its back to make guinea pig sexing easier to perform. To go from this guinea pig sexing page to our sexing animals page, click here. Guinea pigs can carry a range of diseases that are contagious to humans and other guinea pigs e. All rights reserved, protected under Australian copyright. Guinea pig pictures 1 and 2:

How to sex male guinea pigs

If it is a male, you can usually feel the inner part of the shaft which is under the skin in the same area--just above the genitals -- by very gently pressing and rubbing your finger over that area. Sometimes, it doesn't look like there is a penis there at all! These are photos of the genitals of a female guinea pig. Should you determine you have a male and female, separate them immediately whether you suspect the female is pregnant or not. Don't be fooled by appearances. If you have an opportunity to examine a few pigs, it may be easier to see the differences when you have both sexes to compare. There is really nothing more to say about this. Young males have a donut shape around their rectum where their testicles are. Don't be fooled by appearances. Press lightly on the skin, moving your finger slightly toward the genitals. If you gently part the genital opening, on a sow, a "Y" shaped opening should appear. Look at the guinea pig pictures below. All rights reserved, protected under Australian copyright. Sexing pictures of guinea pigs 3 and 4: A presumption can be fast going wrong. This lateral positioning of the enormousguinea pig testicles makes the entire genital and anal region of the male guinea pigappear to bulge outwards, as the guinea pig pictures below illustrate. Boars male guinea pigs are generally larger than females, have smaller nipples, and when sexually mature, clearly visible scrotal pouches. In male guinea pigs, however, the scrotum is not the bulbous "pouchof testicles" sitting just above the penis, as is seen in most other male animals. This "Y" shape occurs even in very youngguinea pigs guinea pig babies and is a useful way of sexing even very young female cavies. Guinea pigs are able to deliberately retract their testicles up into their abdominal cavity where they can not be palpated. Looking at your cavies' genitals is the most reliable way to tell the difference between the boys and girls, as calls and behaviors between the sexes are very similar. Another thing to notice is the penis and prepuce of the male guinea pig, which is raised upabove the level of the surrounding skin in contrast with the female guinea pig's vulva, which isflush with the skin. See this link for more information. So you decided to buy Guinea pigs and start your own animals husbandry. The prepuce is raised and rounded like a button or dome and containsa central dot-like genital opening the entrance to the urethra.

How to sex male guinea pigs

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Choosing Your New Guinea Pigs: Males or Females?

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