I had sex with a rockstar

Nooooooo, not Bieber, she said sarcastically. So, I booked my ticket and went. And while it must have been unpleasant for the hotties who flocked backstage to get the runner-up prize of being felt up by a mustard-stained teamster, using women as currency did cut pack-up times in half. On the backs of their reputations as barnstorming hooligans, these bands were offered starring spots in the soon-to-be-bestselling series Backstage Sluts, wherein famous rockers recount their wildest sexual moments -- which totally happened, bro -- while actual porn stars acted them out. I spoke with the guy I was dating and we arranged it. So imagine having to punch in five times a day, waiting for Manson to squeeze out of seven layers of latex, and then stumbling around in the dark, knowing that if you accidentally make his underoos slip off, the whole carnival starts all over again. Security bros approach my friend let's call her Mel and say "Justin wants you to come with us".

I had sex with a rockstar

As I walked towards him, I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say. Groupies say that Glenn likes a certain look on women: I was happy for her. I loved his music — not him. Anyway we saw the movie and at the end of the night he wouldn't let me take a pic of him in front of my car. But everywhere else, women would rejoice at no longer being herded into Roth's fuck pen by his sound-checking border collies, and men would rejoice for never having to hear "Jump" again. Manson's peccadillos wouldn't be such an issue for his queens of the dead if they didn't come up so frequently. I know he's full of himself but holy SHIT. Her soft and sweeping "Hero. He and I would have sex regularly, and the "Axel" of the band suggested we have a threesome sometime. He looks inside the bar, points to a couple girls, looks at my friend and points to her as well. I'm prettyyyy sure she had sex with at least one of them. Meanwhile, Limp Bizkit lead guitarist Wes Borland has been described as a jerk. After all, if something ever happened to it, the backstage work would have ground to a halt. Alternatively, you can join a church or something. What a strange parallel universe to live in — one devoid of honesty, fairness and true friends. Don't think she has been to see any of his shows since. She says he can be abusive and she warns groupies to stay away from him. A friend slept with skrillex. I wasn't game enough to ask haha. It made me a little sad for him. Leave a Comment Your email address will not be published. Their favorite Carey anthem? Simply enter your name and BEST email address below and prepare to have your confusion, frustration and disappointment put to rest. Hilero 's friend blew Joey Badass and his mind: Advertisement You can get herpes just by looking at that cover. At least he has her music to keep him company at night.

I had sex with a rockstar

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