Lick it clean lesbian sex story

If you want to make me to lick your pussy and make you come all day, you can do that. It was cut short, stopping above her knees. It was about midnight when she came up with an unusual bet, and I took the bait. I knew I had to answer her. I was bucking wildly against her pussy screaming and crying. She put her hands under the table and roughly grabbed my head. I thought it was cool to be sitting in a crowded restaurant in a sexy dress with no bra or panties on underneath.

Lick it clean lesbian sex story

She started doing that fast and hard. I started to walk to my bedroom to change into the dress, but Karen told me to change right in the living room. I knew what she wanted me to say, but it was hard. The refreshing orange juice helped to wash the food down. I reached for a napkin to clean the wetness off my face, but Karen pulled it out of reach, refusing to let me clean it off. It made a plopping sound when it came out of my pussy. I obeyed her directions, and removed my bra and panties. When the coast was clear, I sat back in my chair and tried to look nonchalant. I knew I had to answer her. Why would you make a dumb bet like that? She shoved my head into her lap, forcing me to eat her out. I'll be at your place at 9: Tears started to form in my eyes. Even if she chugged each pint of beer in 10 seconds, our rate of drinking would be the same. She had control of my pussy and my pussy had control of me. You got that slut? Since my roommates were not home, I didn't worry about privacy; I quickly stripped off my shorts and tank top so I could change into the dress. Remember, you agreed to the rules. I was about to walk out the door, thinking I was all ready to leave, but she grabbed my hand and said "Not so fast! It was cut short, stopping above her knees. When she finished the last drop of the third pint, she removed her upside down glass that had been enslaving my third shot of Amaretto. Karen paid the bill and we walked back to her car. I started to moan. In a bet, there are two individuals; both completely confidant that they will win the bet. She squirmed and rocked her hips as she came, and I could feel her wetness as her pussy exploded. If you want to make me to lick your pussy and make you come all day, you can do that. I was aware of the crowd in the restaurant, I could hear people talking and I could feel the vibrations as people walked by less then three feet away from me.

Lick it clean lesbian sex story

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