Mature sister in law sex stories

They were warm, damp — from another world. As my wife approached us, another spurt caught Gloria in the neck when she turned to acknowledge her sister. The other swung over and her hands were on my shoulders — her cunt poised above my now aching cock. And I found myself smiling, almost happy to be sharing in the care-free fun of the moment. And then nearly the same scene with her in one of my favorite selections, a thin black high-necked sweater; her neck and tits highlighted in shiny wetness. Without taking her eyes from the screen, she placed the remote onto the table, and in nearly the same motion, pulled the sweatshirt up over her head. The image quality was pretty good, not HD but not bad, though no color. Ted was still over my wife, while she stroked his long tool.

Mature sister in law sex stories

I let out a long sigh, my hand still around my raging cock. She kept opening and closing her mouth, unable to breathe through her nose, sucking in and swallowing more cum as she discovered it under her tongue, or between cheek and gum. There was so much, but I savored every second of the show — hoping it would last forever. Of course I love her, and she can trust me but — son of a bitch! Gripping it with two hands — Ted is well-equipped, apparently - for an older Buick, she drove him into her mouth. And you know the feelings spinning around in that head of yours? She began to shudder, a moan escaping from around her occupied lips, she released my tool; both palms on the tops of my thighs, fingers outstretched - and I knew an orgasm of her own had taken her. I felt her mouth on me, my cock growing instantly from firm to hard between her molten wet lips. That brought me out of my iced stupor and the emotions flooded in. On the screen there was a room with a big leather sectional couch in it. But now that Ted had his back and side to the lens, Gloria was facing us. The other swung over and her hands were on my shoulders — her cunt poised above my now aching cock. Shadows came and went, couch pillows re-arranged themselves; curtains were drawn, opened and drawn closed again. Next was the skirt, pulling the long zipper from the side, undoing a snap - and letting it drop to pool around her high heels. I found that I needed to adjust my cock again as it strained against its bonds; constricted in my towel. Both are fantastic, but while one will definitely keep things hot — maybe even steamy, the other one is going to be just a little bit faster and possibly a whole lot more fun. Even then, I knew there would be plenty more where that came from. They were… at this point, it looked like they were horsing around — I could see a smile on his face. She pressed her body against mine; first the firm breasts, her stomach — then my cockhead was at the entrance of her slit. Her areolas were so puffy they were like small saucers, somehow her sports bras had been hiding those from me. Her hips were thrust up, one hand was gripping a breast; the fingers pressed deeply into the flesh, and the other had two fingers buried into her pussy. I recognized the outfit. She, I knew, was cumming at the same time — her fingers dug into the skin at my shoulders as she arched her back and then literally cried out - shuddering, panting. By now, the pants were being pulled free, hindered by the last-second removal of a shoe. A few blubbery, nearly tearless cries only, her head nestled against my neck — but it was the cry of exhaustion, of relief - of a journey completed. I love reading about sex!

Mature sister in law sex stories

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  1. First facing him, wearing a bikini, bottoms still on and slid aside - and then facing away wearing a T-shirt and no bottoms; lifting her ass and slamming it back down. So the inevitable happens.

  2. To be fair, my wife — Anna, is very good looking as well, they are sisters after all. They were warm, damp — from another world.

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