My wife is not satisfied with sex

Photo by VishalSinghx It would mean the following: Does she use demeaning or abusive language with you? In that case, you two need to find out what is going on that is causing this rift between the two of you, and how to bring the two of you back together. What you need to know about sex before marriage Have an open discussion with her. Then you must find out whether or not you are willing to live with her. If your wife has been a victim of any kind of sexual trauma, she needs help. Ask your wife if this is the case, and arrange and appointment with a gynecologist to talk about how to address these health problems. Avoiding the subject or refusing to talk about it is not an option. You said even when you were intimate, it was not often.

My wife is not satisfied with sex

If this is the case, again, a couples or sex therapist can help her overcome those beliefs. They can apply to either spouse in a marriage, but since you asked the question, I am using the woman as the example of the person withholding sex. There is the possibility that your wife is unwilling to communicate. Well her little trip to the club today seems to have also scored her a nice and hot stud to bang, and like always her man gets to watch this whole show. On the next screwmywife club update big titted Mrs. She is therefore withdrawing all forms of sex and intimacy from you, and pushing you away, in the hope that you would give up and leave. At the same time you must promise her and yourself never to entertain these advances from outsiders. Her man watches her getting that cock stuck up her ass and pussy and enjoys the show as well. Humans are social creatures who need closeness and intimacy to survive and thrive. Is your patience endless? In order to keep their children in line, they make all kinds of other negative associations with sex. She vehemently opposed this and refused to give away even the names of her classmates. Hence you need to know at least what others know — i. If you do, check out the http: If you are not willing to live with this prospect, then it is time to take action. Does she seem interested in talking with you about your day and hers? She refuses to talk to me about it or give me any reasons. Many substances kill the sex drive if used excessively. If you and your wife want your marriage to survive, you will need to talk about what is going on with her. Sometimes, the health issue may not be gynecological, but that is a good place to start, and then get referrals from there. And of course by the end we hope that you will enjoy it as well guys. See you soon with more cheating wives , fucking in front of their husbands, just for you! Sit back and watch miss Cora as she gets to spread her legs for the stud and see her taking a nice and hard dicking all around the living room today. Try to Communicate with your Wife If your wife is willing to communicate with you, then the first issue you need to address are the reasons why your wife is refusing sex and intimacy. Are you willing to live with the prospect of little to no intimacy for the rest of your life? If so, then you need to find out if this is a one-way relationship as it does not look like your wife is reciprocating this love. Ideally, you and your wife are both invested in this marriage and will want to work it out.

My wife is not satisfied with sex

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Husband can't satisfy his beautiful wife

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