New mexico sex torture murder case

The two of them used whips, medical instruments, electric shock, and sexual instruments to torture Vigil. More From Thought Catalog. The following are excerpts from these incomprehensibly cruel audiotapes. Although Hendy initially kept quiet, she cracked under pressure and started telling police everything she knew. She bounded across the porch, burst into the home without knocking, grabbed the woman standing inside and pleaded for help. The documents reference the child's autopsy report and say and that his body had lacerations consistent with sexual assault, KRQE reports. She accepted a plea deal on kidnapping and rape charges and was sentenced to 36 years. Trial 1 resulted in a mistrial and retrial, with a conviction in the retrial on all 12 counts for which he was accused. On the trailer's interior walls were photographs of victims, charts to keep track of what was done to each and homemade posters with detailed instructions on how to treat "sex slaves.

New mexico sex torture murder case

These insecurities drove Ray to drink and abuse drugs. Inside the torture room, along with numerous sex toys , torture implements, syringes, and detailed diagrams showing different methods and techniques for inflicting pain, there was a homemade electrical generator that was used for torture. Miraculously, Garrett survived the encounter, but no one, neither her husband nor police believed her story. They charged Dennis Roy Yancy, 27, in the murder of a year-old woman. Authorities say the year-old endured years of abuse, and had not attended school in several months. Many were store-bought while others were hand-crafted to deliver maximum pain. Three months after his release in , Yancy was charged with violation of probation. Jeremiah had been out of school for at least seven months before he died, police said. Ray was charged with kidnapping and rape in the case of three women: After being strangled, her body was dismembered and burned. The tape said the women's memory would be fogged with drugs after the ordeal. All three defendants have entered not guilty pleas on various charges, and remain behind bars pending their trials later this year. He very likely got away with murder. Garrett awoke, but blacked out several times during 2 days of torture and drugging. Jaramillo, a local woman named Kelli Van Cleave, and a Colorado woman he had abducted in After removing a thousand pieces of evidence from the property, they started digging in the yard with shovels and probing with electronic devices. Are you comfortable right now? The front page of their weekly newspaper featured photos of the two main suspects, right next to one of the community's smiling fiesta queen. She said she escaped from Hendy three days later, while Ray was working. He told me he would kill me like the others. Seizing the opportunity, Vigil lunged for the keys, and was able to free her hands. The two of them used whips, medical instruments, electric shock, and sexual instruments to torture Vigil. She was found to have multiple abrasions and contusions to her head and neck, and her spine had been fractured. Army, receiving an honorable discharge at the end of his enlistment. Daylight was fading as she spied an open door in a trailer about yards away. Jesse Ray received a sentence of nine years, and Cindy Hendy was given 36 years in prison.

New mexico sex torture murder case

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Final Photos of MURDER VICTIMS Taken by Their KILLERS

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  1. All three defendants have entered not guilty pleas on various charges, and remain behind bars pending their trials later this year. Although no bodies have been found, more than a dozen may have been murdered.

  2. The inmate shared the information with sheriff's investigators. The manager of Raymond's Lounge was an accomplice.

  3. Martens had allegedly previously arranged for other men to sexually assault her daughter, and Victoria was victimized by two other men in the six months before her death.

  4. After questioning, she came to remember her mistreatment in increasing detail. He served in the U.

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