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I struggled to find quality daycare, and I missed having a full, noisy house. Despite it all, I had the easiest pregnancy: Over the next few months, I found out that the IVF had wreaked havoc on my thyroid, which was preventing me from conceiving. I was able to book an appointment at the Create Clinic on Bay Street for the next morning. I do not believe in psychic ability, necessarily, but you better believe I clung to that prediction. What are my grandmother chances, realistically? When I was a parent in my 20s, it was go go go, because I was trying to do everything by the book. I burst into tears.

I gave birth to my son, Bode, two weeks shy of my 43rd birthday. Recently, when Nyamekye was having some challenges at school, I called the birth grandmother and asked if the biological mother was drinking during her pregnancy. I found it challenging and often depressing, but I was being paid well for my age and I had a child to support. I went back to school part-time at Ryerson, got a diploma in communications and started working at a PR agency. Now I cut myself some slack. But when I go out for drinks with her, the bartender often mistakes me for one of her friends. My maternal instincts were satisfied. It was the dawn of the age of the sexy mom, and there was no going back. Five women tell their stories. As I reached 40, though, I decided I wanted a daughter of my own—in my experience, kids tend to bond with the parent of the same sex, and I knew I was going to be a single mom. That eased my mind. My grandmother was, like me, an Older Mother — she had her only child, my mom, at 38 also like me, by circumstance far more than true choice. My daughter, Liv, was supposed to be born via C-section on a Tuesday in March Unfortunately, none of the transfers stuck. It was traumatic to leave them. Have fun with that! I cried and laughed and cheered. They usually induce at 40 weeks for older moms. Honestly, I remember looking at this little thing beside me and thinking, Er, can I change my mind? Or should you delay in favor of work and other child-free pursuits, trusting your fertility to stick with you? If I began treatment that very day, we could potentially harvest some eggs right before my hysterectomy. So he went out and got two more. Everyone in my family embraced her. They spent their first week in the neonatal intensive care unit at Mount Sinai, then three more at St. Liv is a wonderful kid, healthy and happy. Two years later, I was 41 and out of frozen embryos.

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