Power and sex who has it

I recently saw on national television a report on sex education in the schools. Think of those in the news lately whose lives and careers have been destroyed by the misuse of sex: And the damage from such sexual abuse demonstrates the great power of this built-in relationship between sex and inner feelings. Beyond the rush of endorphins and feelings of ecstasy, it is also a vehicle for deep connection, for transcendence, for momentary freedom. God made sex to be far more than a mere physical act. As our sense of self becomes stronger, we learn to more easily ask for what we want without taking things personally. We want to help you preserve sex for the wonderful purpose for which God made it. Like fire, sex can be used for great benefit or for great damage.

Power and sex who has it

Sex destroys in two principal ways. And prominant politicians have damaged their careers too: Like fire, sex can be used for great benefit or for great damage. As marriage partners anticipate and recall their intimacy as well as during the moment itself, they form an ever-present umbrella of union to shield them from strains which otherwise might tear them apart. It is used in media campaigns to amp up marketing ploys, it creates controversy within our families, churches and schools. And other sources reveal that condoms fail to protect against disease at an even higher rate. Not that sex is bad or that its pleasure is to be denied. When we open our hearts in love-making, it adds a whole other layer of emotional release and the sense of connectedness transcends the physical. The total number of those who have experienced the terrible pain of such misuse of sex is legion. The power of sex is undeniable. Do you have the tools with which to do so? Quite the contrary actually; they are met with condemnation, shaming, and judgment. And this message they send is not just a few minutes in duration. After a sexual assault I experienced in my early adult years, I had the equivalent of a nervous breakdown. A few minutes of apparent pleasure often brings a lifetime of regret. Through fantasy and fetish others learn to work out power dynamics more intentionally, as witnessed by the best-selling success of "Fifty Shades of Grey" in spite of its dubious artistic merits. When someone violates that innate understanding in us, we are deeply scarred. Is it a positive or a negative thing? This voluntary misuse of sex, to enjoy it physically while trying to ignore its built-in emotional and psychological aspects, uses its power to destroy rather than its power to unite. Since God set a strong connection between sex and inner feelings, the greater damage to the child is emotional and psychological. What better way to control the masses than by using one of the most powerful energies we possess? Think of those in the news lately whose lives and careers have been destroyed by the misuse of sex: The more in touch we are with who we are and with our soulful power, and the more that we learn to be congruent and communicate our needs and desires and emotions in a way they can be received, the less we need to resort to covert power plays in the bedroom. He made it a powerful force for good in our lives. God made it that way for a very good purpose, as a powerful bonding agent between husband and wife, not just to bear children, but to make that union stronger and sweeter through the years. Promiscuous sex has also destroyed many through disease. Yes, sex is incredibly pleasurable and undoubtedly a powerful force, but it is more than that.

Power and sex who has it

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  1. When two people not married to each other have sexual relations, they must try to squelch those built-in feelings God gave the sexual act. When sexual relations are frequent and unselfish, as I Corinthians 7 teaches they should be, this bonding is continuous.

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