Pros and cons on premarital sex

God intended for sex to help couples work out indifferences between them, along with the need to procreate. Would their having sex, after thinking it over with both revealing all the important information needed to make a decision, be something wrong to chose? The reality of the matter is that with young persons, hormones and thinking do not mix too well. First, sex is not like dancing with someone. Enough about current culture. It is exciting and gives a lot of pleasure.

Pros and cons on premarital sex

The negative side of the scale carries the weights of morals, fear of pregnancy or disease, and guilt. They all involve having sexual relations with someone you are not married to. At the same time, though, it is clear in the Bible that God restricts sexual activity to married couples. Moreover, he has added a threat. Enough about current culture. Another consideration when deciding about premarital sex is safety. As you read the next section, consider God's love for you as a primary reason for sexual purity. Deception clearly deprives information from Tammy which she should have to make an informed choice. Or if I played tennis with you only for the sake of embarrassing you in front of some people I knew who were not your friends, that would make the action wrong. The Bible explains, "…The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body" 1 Corinthians 6: People engaging in this activity will experience the heart rending emotional upset that comes with breaking up. But, what would make a game of tennis morally wrong? If an action produces the most amount of good for those involved, then it is moral. Premarital sex is put in the same moral category as actions which are either not wrong or non-moral. Worse, a person can be a slave of using sex as a means to ends, which, for the most part, are trivial or ultimately psychologically destructive. Given that they are both deontologists, it would be hard for either to say that they were being used merely as a means. The couple opens up emotionally to each other through the marriage act, which solidifies the continuing unity of the couple in living their lives for God. So, after considered deliberation over the nature of the act, a review of the facts of the matter what risks there are physically and psychologically and voluntary choice by both, were Tom and Tammy to choose to have premarital sex, it looks to be a morally permissible action. Do the wise, right and moral decision. I would be intentionally treating you as a mere means to my enjoyment of seeing you harmed. Let's take a look at some of the facts. Chances of broken relationships, and single mothers. Read Premarital Sex Page 2 Now! We shall invent two persons, Tom and Tammy, who are thinking about premarital sex. After engaging in premarital sex, many people express feelings of guilt, embarrassment, distrust, resentment, lack of respect, tension, and so much more. God created the sex act for a man and woman within a marriage. You see, sex is an emotional experience and it affects our lives in ways we don't understand.

Pros and cons on premarital sex

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Sex Before Marriage? Should You or Shouldn't You?

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