Religious reasons against same sex marriage

As does adoption, which has been around for much longer than the same-sex marriage issue. That principle will be the state assignment of parental rights and responsibilities. This argument can be applied to any child had out of wedlock - perhaps those born following a rape - or any child where a single parent is involved. The church allows but does not require pastors to perform same-sex weddings. D didn't back up the assertion that marriage is a child-centered institution in the first place. Getting an early period is associated with a host of health problems including unhealthy weight gain, breast cancer, cancer of the reproductive system, and emotional problems such as body image disorders, depression, anxiety, aggression and substance abuse not to mention early sexual activity. Effectively a repeat of all the above melded into one. Implying that the only option is to have children that are unwanted. A relationship with biological parents can exist independent of marriage, so this doesn't really prove anything.

Religious reasons against same sex marriage

Notably in Troy Perry , the church's founder, filed the first lawsuit in the U. Although it's difficult to track down this quote to anything other than a pro-life homophobic organisation, the fullest appearing version from a quick Google search reads: These "essential public purposes" that Dr. Still, the analogy to step-parents is flawed in this case. Support and affirmation of marriage rights for same-sex couples generally comes from certain Christian denominations that are considered theologically liberal. D doesn't see this obvious solution to the problems and arguments she presents! However, why this is a bad thing is not addressed. D didn't back up the assertion that marriage is a child-centered institution in the first place. Implying that the only option is to have children that are unwanted. You wouldn't know anyone who did that, would you, Dr. The argument so far is that children must be with biological parents, and only with both biological parents. Without a state, there is no enforcement of law. At the United States Unitarian Universalist General Assembly , delegates voted overwhelmingly that they would perform same-sex marriage ceremonies, and the church has been performing weddings with and without state sanction ever since. Again, citation needed but it seems prima facie plausible. So Dr Morse Ph. This applies just as well to heterosexual couples with fertility problems - and this dates back long before same-sex marriage became the hot issue it is today. How can you say marriage is about the benefits to children? However, this argument seems to suggest that same-sex couples only "reproduce" via intentional surrogacy. Father absence creates risks in children that mother absence does not create. As stated above, Dr. To justify straight biological parents' presumptive legal custody, Dr. D has just said "It is unjust for the law to decree that adults are entitled to have what they want, namely, partners of the same sex. This looks at marriage from the adult point of view. Children need help and guidance in developing their sexual identities. Also a rehash of

Religious reasons against same sex marriage

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Religion and Gay Marriage

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