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But no non-cardinal has been elected since and it is unlikely that this will happen in the future. Sailors often preferred to bring a black ship's cat along with them. I am questioning that assertion. BTW here's a site which attempts to list all papal child-having activities. In some of the Eastern Churches, married men may be ordained to the priesthood.

Sex life of squirrells grammar foth

Anyone care to check up on the rest? In general usage a person who is not committed to remaining single, i. As for all the popes who were saints and martyrs, I imagine that might be a helpful list to add, if it doesn't exist already. Every source on the fellow says his "licentious" and "dissolute" lifestyle led to his deposition, which is certainly euphemistic, but I can't find anything from fully reliable sources which is more detailed than that. In mythology powerful bears are also popular: A contemporary usage of the word "celibate" refers to a voluntary, often temporary, renunciation of sexual activity by a person who is single. The discussion can be found at Wikipedia: The present pope and all popes of recent centuries were under a vow of celibacy before they were pope, so their celibacy does not result from a rule saying popes have to be celibate. The result was keep. These antipopes were usually in opposition to a specific person chosen by the papal electors since the Middle Ages, the college of cardinals. If and when they are ordained in the Catholic Church it is done so unconditionally. Cats The cool, sly, charming and clever cat Cats are crafty hunters who will sneak upon their prey. Despite this ability they can still be injured or killed by a high fall. Up to the 16th century, there were five sexually active popes, according to the infinite monkeys of Wikipedia. And as for the left-handed and vegetarians, I'm positive that Wikipedia already has lists of notable vegetarians and notable left-handed people--adding a few popes to the list couldn't possibly harm it. IMHO it is only illicit but still valid. While a few others are listed e. The bloodthirsty or evil bat Since the dawn of humanity people have been scared of bats due to their appearance and the fact that they, due to being nocturnal animals , are mostly active at night. Then there'd be a married Pope who would have to be dispensed from the condition of celibacy. If you, I, or anyone can find a respected reference source with the listing and cite it, the listing will stay in, if not it goes. Most of the time the Great Schism is of course the great exception it was quite clear during that time who the anti-Pope was Of course, he himself would think otherwise. They need a dispensation an individual waiver of a general rule in order to be ordained. Since it's relevant to this article, celibate does not mean unmarried. Under these conditions, a married man could be elected pope without any problems. Pope Hormisdas was apparently the father of Pope Silverius. The expression "as blind as a bat" is common but in reality bats are not blind. They have clear rules saying any Catholic man can be elected pope.

Sex life of squirrells grammar foth

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  1. We must address that here, because putting could-bes on that list who can be easily challenged does more harm than good, because it doesn' say anything about the hypocracy of the papacy in matters of sexual morality, or does it?

  2. In reality it's just an instinctive imperative to make sure their prey is weak enough to be killed. But all clergy are expected to be chaste, which means "sexually abstinent, unless married.

  3. If he accepts the job, the Cardinal Dean would ordain him a bishop and then he would be a married pope not under a vow of celibacy. Despite this ability they can still be injured or killed by a high fall.

  4. If they elect a married man, and he accepts the job, and the head of the College of Cardinals ordains him to the episcopate, then there's a married pope.

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