Sex stories about sex in public

I could experience the spasms of the cock and the warm thick cream being deposited squirt after squirt giving me immense pleasure and joy. He likes when I get silly drunk so that he can take me home and fuck me like a dirty slut. Retrieved 25 June She flirted with all of them during the outing by either rubbing up against them before they would take their shot, or flashing them while driving the cart. The boy pulled it out. With all the alcohol that had flowed during the outing, all four of them were feeling no pain. The thick cock slowly opened the petals of my pussy and made it's way inside. I enjoyed it as always and started giving long slow strokes to the cocks. The tip of the stiff cock was held at the entrance and slowly the cock pushed in.

Sex stories about sex in public

The thick cock slowly opened the petals of my pussy and made it's way inside. Archived from the original on 22 September My pussy was being pounded hard and the stiff cock was giving me immense pleasure. Suddenly my whole body began trembling and shaking. He likes when I get silly drunk so that he can take me home and fuck me like a dirty slut. After that there were four more volunteers who entered my pussy and pounded it hard and deposited their seed deep within me. The lips on my nipples were driving me all crazy. Each time a fresh cock was pounding me, it took me to climax. One hour later I was too tipsy to be concerned about what people might say. Now the man giving me strokes clutched hard, both my thighs and his pounding became really fast. I found one hand raising my skirt from the front side and another assisting him from back side. I needed 3 shots of tequila for me to get more psyched up for what I was to do. The doors were barely closed when they had their hands all over each other. Look how big they are. I could feel some hands touching my pussy and felt two fingures softly, opening the petals of my pussy. Someone behind me put his hand and unhooked my bra. Archived from the original on 23 July The police tend to tread lightly in public sex environments, in part because of the bitter legacy of the time when gay sex was illegal and closeted men having anonymous sex in places like public bathrooms were routinely arrested and humiliated. Dave and Mike rode in one cart, while Hank was the lucky one to ride with Theresa. God knows how much I love my cunt being filled with cum. Archived from the original on I heard a comment. Two of them, caught my hands and I found both my hands being guided to exposed hard stiff cocks around me. I was getting excited and heated up too. Soon it was replaced by a fresh cock and this cock did not last long and spilled it's seed within a few strokes. That thought thrilled me that I got carried away and we started fucking even faster. The cocks were all stiff and bouncing.

Sex stories about sex in public

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