She likes sex in the shower

Let your tongue trace the trail of your fingers for some oral action. Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. Where you should be standing… What to hold on to… And a safe place to put your feet and hands. In the meantime, use water as part of your foreplay. This is easily solved if you come prepared with a bottle of silicone-based lube to keep her ready to go. So instead of a condom, try using a different means of birth control or STI prevention ahead of time. She probably imagines a situation where her hair and makeup look flawless, you glide easily inside of her, and everything is warm and romantic.

She likes sex in the shower

Washing her hair can also help her relax and unwind. Some couples might love standing shower sex… While others might get more out of sitting down… And others might enjoy different types of sex or masturbation to spice up their shower sex session. But she wants to shower first. Especially if you touch her like this. Working up to sex in the shower can be a little different than sex in a bed, so there are a few more things you should keep in mind. But if you have a shower head offering her pleasant vibrations while you pump away from behind, this move is sure to have her begging for shower sex more often. Stripping down to your birthday suits for some wet-n-wild shower or bath play can help to alleviate concerns while keeping things hot. Positive reinforcement over time should, however, help the cause. Plus, the water offers a change of environment, which always makes sex hotter. The desire for hot shower sex is a sexual fantasy most of us crave. Worried about losing momentum? So with that in mind, here are 5 important keys to keep in mind before you have sex in the shower: Try investing in a cushy bathmat so you can both get the most out of this experience. Maybe the water starts to get too cold, or you lose momentum halfway through, for example. In fact, condoms can degrade when they are immersed in water, making that method of birth control pretty pointless. You want her to be pushed up against the wall or shower door, holding onto a rail or grip as needed for balance. Have her hold onto a rail, shower door, or grip while standing and enter her from behind. So what kind of foreplay should you use before shower sex? Fulbright is a sex educator, relationship expert, columnist and founder of Sexuality Source Inc. Try facing her or stand with her back to your front, so you can reach around and get her off using only your fingers. Try rubbing the gel around some of your favorite spots on your woman: For example, oral sex in the shower can be extremely hot and intense — and a lot of fun, too. Having good hygiene has always been an important part of human seduction. Email You want her oh-so-badly. No matter what position you love doing most in bed, there are a few key moves in the shower that will work for almost anyone. You could even take turns going down on each other.

She likes sex in the shower

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  1. Let your tongue trace the trail of your fingers for some oral action. In wooing a lover, looking and smelling fresh always works in your favor.

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