Swingers stories of sex with stranger

Everyone around us seemed so laissez faire about their dick hanging out or just casually leaning on the bar chatting, with their bare tits just, well, there to be stared at. A man had removed his towel and confidently stretched out on a massage table, while a forty-something woman began to oil him up and massage him down. We were told to take off our clothes and wear only a towel. Soon we found ourselves groping one another, our motion in synch with the cries and groans echoing behind us. I had penetrative sex with the husband after some oral sex with the woman.

Swingers stories of sex with stranger

It was like Eyes Wide Shut, and the bodies were tight, sculpted and beautiful. We truly believe it has made our relationship stronger. Imagine a tightly packed subway, except everyone has no clothes on and is either sucking or fucking their neighbour. We snacked on a slice of pepperoni and watched a dude slap a condom on and stroke himself. They were newbies, too, and, like us, extremely nervous when we invited them back to our house after our double date at a Cuban restaurant. I imagined them in the daytime, working on spreadsheets in cubicles chit-chatting about the latest donut deal at Tim Hortons. As I bent down to put his cock in my mouth, a crowd began to form around us. Yes, there was one and in it was a girl who seemed to be about ninety pounds, spread open and begging for attention from the hairy Soprano-like dudes that surrounded her. Some girls wore pumps and panties, while others nothing at all. Ray then slept with the wife. It was so crowded. It began with the back, moved south to the legs and then WOAH, she began to give him a handjob right there. Getting a little excited myself, I turned to my bf and motioned that we follow. Or, indeed, that, until relatively recently, the four of us would regularly have sex together after double dates. But now I was thinking: More than 36, global members joined the site within the first week, with nearly 20 percent coming from the New York City metropolitan area. It was intense and it felt weird to just watch, but other people were doing it, so we figured it was okay, if not, encouraged. Giggling excitedly, we climbed up the stairs to the sinful second floor. Women were getting pounded from behind while also blowing some other dude, who was diddling some other girl, who was watching a couple shag at ferocious speed. And Ray was really into the idea, too. Turns out she and her husband, married for 20 years, were into wife-swapping. A show began to unfold in front of us. On our way back down to the locker, we noticed that they had ordered dozens of pizzas. After all, a Catholic church on Long Island is not exactly the best place to explain that we met on the New York City swinging circuit. So we stopped our little show, pre-orgasm and decided to instead, explore other corners of Wicked.

Swingers stories of sex with stranger

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Swingers: Hooking Up With Strangers

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