Teen couple sex in laundry room

Her name is Bailey and on the gallery she is posing on a boat. I feel him climb onto the bed. I ring their bell and the wife Cassandra meets me at the door and invites me in. Also, he said that he did not want me to wear any underwear underneath the uniform. Sure enough I get a message asking me to come visit with the couple and I am nervous not knowing what to expect, but drive over to their condo. He went and showed me what it looked like and it was a tight body sock with a hole in the back and a fly opening in the front and a tight fitting top that matched and a pair of shoes that looked like moccasins. Part 1 from 1 Author: I come into the living room and Duon points for me to assume the prone position on the couch and he unzips himself again and he pulls out his flaccid penis and he directs me to lay down with my face in his lap and suck on his dick while they watch TV.

Teen couple sex in laundry room

He explains that he hopes that I am opened minded enough to accept the job and role demanded. He then tells me that I am not suppose to talk back unless I receive instructions to do so and that I was to call him master and Cassandra boss! He then manhandles me and grabs my ankles and spreads my legs pushing them both back so far that I was surprised that they would bend that far and he then begins rapidly assaulting my bottom even harder than before. Duon then asked me what size of pants and shirts that I wore and I told him and he said that he has some special outfits that he wants me to wear. It is much to my surprise a very nice multistory and bedroom condo. He says the first thing is that he wants me to suck his cock with his wife looking on. It kind of looked like a bunny suit without the ears and was weird with my bare ass exposed. I put my things away in the chest of drawers that I had and changed into my uniform and then went down to the main living room and kitchen on the main level. I lose count how many times that Duon had orgasm that day and night at least half a dozen. I had to submit photos of myself with a resume and they would interview the top few. I was taking what she would be receiving from Duon. Even after the baby came they wanted me to stay over. He greats me with a smile and he points to the living room and he sits down on the couch and his wife sits down in the recliner and he points to me to sit beside him on the couch which I do. Look to cold outside for Bailey October Baileys Room has some great photography I mean look at those rock hard nipples, I would keep them warm for her. I put on my work uniform and Duon comes out of the shower and then tells me that he wants his morning blowjob. Duon does not believe in foreplay and the next thing I feel is his monster pole pounding into my rear like jack hammer. She then told me that I was to get dinner prepared and she gave me the recipes and what was to be prepared. You can see through her sheer bra to those perfect tight nipples of hers. I am so fucked silly that I am just like a limber rag doll. She is a spunky teen with some of the best tits you will find anywhere. Also, he said that he did not want me to wear any underwear underneath the uniform. At some point after over an hour he climaxes and ejaculates inside me. This is Bailey doing a little laundry in her bra and panties. Bailey has some just perfect natural tits they are round not to be not to small just perfect enjoy this beautiful exotic babe! She is totally hot and has great tits and a perfect body.

Teen couple sex in laundry room

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