The case against same sex marriage

This didn't seem to do justice to either to what marriage means, nor the profound change to that meaning that same sex marriage entailed. But it is difficult to dispute that for millennia it has been understood as a union of sexual difference. Was it simply due to a desperate rear-guard action by a conservative right that has been unable to prevent every other milestone in the battle for same-sex rights? In particular, I was uneasy about how the message delivered by the endless number of same-sex marriage memes appearing on my social media feeds tried to sum up the case: Such a tactic may also work because it will inevitably tap into deep and ugly homophobic undercurrents which are still running, not always below the surface of mainstream Australian culture. Moreover, the day may come, and it may come soon, when same-sex couples will be able to contribute equally to the conception and birthing of their own children. What does marriage honour? It speaks a politics of values-neutrality, where everything is simply reduced to preferences and all preferences are legitimate, no matter how base.

The case against same sex marriage

It matters for Judges, too. Nor are they likely to accuse gay people of being corrupt. The first question is about identity and difference. Most Australians, and, in fact, most Australian Christians are more than happy with the idea that having sex can be and can always be for the sole purpose of expressing and deepening a couple's marital union. Dr Gordon Preece , that, in preparation for a parliamentary vote, a national summit be convened at which these matters are discussed in a context of respectful dialogue. The segment and its format called for something sharp, short and, hopefully, provocative. Chief Justice Kennedy's majority opinion in Obergefell v. Why hasn't that apparently bullet-proof civil rights principle of equal treatment before the law been enough to carry the day? Men are men, women are women, and this essential diversity lies at the heart of the marital relationship. Just as we, or at least a majority of us, already have made a judgment about the value and importance of same-sex relationships. Gays and lesbians are being included in a new definition of an institution rather than demanding what has always been theirs by right. Had they done so, London to a brick, state sanctioned same-sex marriage would be a reality now. A gay-marriage advocate in Boston explained to a radio reporter that marriage is a civil matter, not a church affair. The debate over same-sex marriage is fundamentally a debate about whether gay and lesbian unions are worthy of honour and recognition that, in our society, state-sanctioned marriage confers. Numerous sociological and psychological studies have been conducted, with many more to come, as the sheer number of families headed by same-sex couples grows exponentially around the world. Law that is just must begin by properly recognizing and distinguishing identities and differences in reality in order to be able to give each its legal due. They do have that right, which can be granted them. The disadvantage of this gentler approach is that Australians are unlikely to have their growing enthusiasm for marriage equality dampened by it. But something about some of the arguments I was hearing struck me as shallow and even wrong. But at what great cost to the children of gay couples who will be made to feel inferior and second-rate, with licence given for cruel bullying and public disdain? It is so ancient that it predates Christianity and Judaism by many thousands of years, with the impact of earlier marriage customs reaching into and throughout the unfolding pages of the Hebrew and Christian Bibles. Discover More About Public Justice: Staff at the Mercure Hotel were threatened by same-sex marriage advocates via social media and phone calls, all because the hotel had taken a conference room booking from a collection of pro-traditional marriage groups, including Marriage Alliance. I've tried to take their concerns seriously, but, at least in my experience, progressives too often believe they don't have to. There are, it must be conceded, some more sophisticated arguments likely to be appealed to in arguing the "No" case. Governments and lawyers and the law do not create the people, the house, the paint, and my desire to paint your house for a price that you want to pay. But I was not being deliberately tendentious.

The case against same sex marriage

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  1. Dreamed up by Tony Abbott and his like for reasons of political expediency? Recent surveys have revealed that a large majority of people who are not in favour of same-sex marriage prefer a plebiscite to a parliamentary vote to resolve this issue.

  2. Moreover, we have come to see the beauty of relationships which are mutual and respectful, and which, in principle, have no power differential.

  3. Or does Dr Mayman make the same error as other progressives in believing that the passage from tradition to liberal modernity is inevitable? But we have also come to shed patriarchy, and therefore don't have the same problem with anal or oral intercourse.

  4. For what it is worth, I recommend the following to those of my fellow Christians who are not in favour of same-sex marriage: Men are men, women are women, and this essential diversity lies at the heart of the marital relationship.

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