The center for sex and culture

And Carol Queen is a legend in her own right. Getting in the Ground Floor and Staying There. Robert Lawrence and Dr. I was a guest, in case you are wondering! He partners with Dr. I also am a volunteer archivist here.

The center for sex and culture

The space needs some work bathrooms are a little thrashed, etc. Besides being an educational resource and a historical building, it's also a library. They have innovating programming by sex experts and one of the most complete libraries of human sexuality I've ever encountered. I had so many questions I was too embarrassed to ask my folks and many of them were things they couldn't even begin to explain without their proper Catholic upbringing scaring them off topic. There seems to be a pretty tight group of folks there, so bring a friend or be a bit more outgoing than me. We believe there are more stories to be told about sexuality and gender and that these are all important. Near a couple of sunny windows were tables and chairs. My parents never really gave me "the talk" when I was a kid. It's a good space for events. The event was pretty tame during the time my bf and I were there, and our friends say it did get kinky after we left. The lovely folks who fun the Center recently took the time to drop me a note upon finding my review. While still a work in progress, the decor and furniture in the building is perfect, and includes a couple of high-heeled chairs - but the red Chaise lounge chairs were best for, well, lounging. The one thing that I think worth mentioning as I'm a person who identifies as disabled is that there are two VERY steep sets of stairs that I almost didn't make it up the first night. And Carol Queen is a legend in her own right. We are lucky to have such a place here. The CSC hosts quirky events and educational ones. Is there no more Anal? The CSC is probably most known for their yearly fundraiser called Masturbate-a-thon, which is exactly what you think it is. His work and applied sex education praxis have reached millions of people worldwide and are still in use today at events and clubs across the nation. They had a class going on while we were there, "Anal Foreclosure. Kitten on the Keys performed at the CSC, and was tres fantasique. Getting in the Ground Floor and Staying There. The School of Shimmy burlesque classes are taught here. Condoms and dental dams are offered for free. I am happy that there are still innovative and political places that challenge the uptight norms of sex and sexuality in San Francisco. The main event of Kink and Ink were the provocative drawings, paintings and photographs of artists on exhibit and for sale as part of the silent auction.

The center for sex and culture

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Sexuality Tomorrow: Nica Noelle and Carol Queen at the Center for Sex and Culture

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  1. It's great to hear back and I look forward to coming by the Center again on my next visit to San Francisco!

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