The impact of sex on society

Bearman PS, Bruckner H. In the current article we examined the short-term perceived consequences of sex reported by first-year college students on days they engaged in vaginal sex, as well as what situational factors of the sexual experience were associated with more positive or negative consequences. A stratified random sampling procedure with replacement was used to recruit a diverse sample of first-year college students. We do not know whether the sexually experienced adolescents in our study consciously decided to abstain from sexual activity for an extended period of time or whether they selectively rejected opportunities to engage in sexual activity within the context of a sexually active relationship. Procedures Participants completed daily web-based surveys during their first and second semesters of college.

The impact of sex on society

On each sampled day, participants were asked a series of questions about sexual behavior. Male college students who engaged in sex with a non-dating partner had fewer depressive symptoms than those who never had casual sex Grello et al. Oral versus vaginal sex among adolescents: Across the first two semesters, the students in the ULS provided 17, days of data, with the participants in our analytic sample providing 5, days. To our knowledge, this is the first quantitative study to systematically examine the positive and negative social and emotional consequences that adolescents reported as a result of refraining from sexual activity and to examine whether these consequences differed as a function of time, gender, and sexual experience. Beyth-Marom R, Fischhoff B. Why abstinent adolescents report they have not had sex: Our fourth aim was to compare the odds of experiencing positive and negative consequences of sex on days students had sex with dating, compared to non-dating, partners; we predicted lesser odds of experiencing positive and greater odds of experiencing negative consequences after sex with a non-dating partner, and expected that these associations would be stronger in female than male students. The Health Belief Model: If participants reported engaging in vaginal sex on a given day, they were asked a series of questions about their sexual experience. Sexually experienced adolescents are an important subgroup for intervention because they are especially vulnerable to experiencing negative consequences of refraining from sexual activity. Coefficient alpha was not calculated, as participants who experience one type of consequence during a sexual encounter would not necessarily be expected to experience other types of consequences. Given that many adolescents choose not to refrain from sexual activity, it is critical for sexual education and health promotion programs to provide medically accurate and complete information about sexuality and contraceptives to adolescents. However, adolescents were assured of confidentiality, and a positive rapport was established with the participants, likely serving to increase reliability. Because women may be more oriented toward sex for the sake of their relationship with a partner, we predicted that male students would have lesser odds of experiencing positive interpersonal consequences than female students. Stages of change and decisional balance for 12 problem behaviors. Bruckner H, Bearman P. Emerging adults may engage in sexual behavior in a variety of relationships, including close dating relationships and with casual or non-dating partners. This is consistent with calls for research to study differences among sexually experienced adolescents rather than purely focusing on how they differ from sexually inexperienced adolescents. Selected students received an email with a personal, secure link to the study, ensuring that only invited students could participate and that they could complete the survey only once. Bearman PS, Bruckner H. Effects in parentheses are opposite in direction to that indicated in the column header. The role of romantic relationships in adolescent development. A comprehensive approach to educating adolescents about sexuality includes discussion of social, emotional, and physical aspects of sexuality and sexual decisionmaking. It also provides medically accurate and complete information about contraceptives and prophylactics, so that adolescents who decide to engage in sexual activity can do so safely. By the end of the study, adolescents who remained sexually inexperienced throughout the study were more likely than were sexually experienced adolescents to report having only experienced positive consequences as a result of refraining from sexual activity.

The impact of sex on society

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