True stories of forced womanhood male enforced chastity sex

The hot penis pushed its way into her. He dreaded standing before or near to her, as she would tower over him and whisper his name with a terrible condescending politeness, her voice pure honey, her perfume powerful and delicately rose scented. She will become the perfect male fantasy of the vacantly beautiful bimbo. Daphne slips her lips over the white nylon wrapped head of Chrissie's sex and very fearfully closes her mouth. Yes, far too easy. You make take this bitch back and play with her. And your unhappiness is making everyone else unhappy too.

True stories of forced womanhood male enforced chastity sex

In their eyes she can see a strange mixture of horror, satisfaction and dark arousal. The chest padding was made up of two rubber breast forms filled with silicon which had been sown inside the cups, and he had been sarcastically assured by Helen that they provided a very realistic "feel". Now take off the stocking. Meanwhile, the tight corset had expanded her bosoms to nearly overflowing and gave her a cleavage to die for. Indeed, as soon as Daphne was showered, perfumed and powdered, there were more signs of a less draconian approach to her feminisation. Three painfully tight metal rings holding the restrainer in place, one just beneath the bulging head of his circumcised cock, one in the middle, and one, the tightest and most painful, at its base. She felt hot fluids deep inside her. Your mother should have put you in panties at the first sign of puberty. Helen laughs, but ignores her slave's pleadings. He moaned with equal amounts of pain and pleasure as the restrainer was pulled free and his rampant sex was given its first airing for two months! She closed her eyes slowly and submissively and immediately felt the fingers leave her nose and clear air pass through it again. In the next few months, you are certainly going to suffer terribly, but it will be worth it if you come to realise your true self. Unless it was her lover playing games on her, which was possible. As the painful punishments increased, as the terrible working day seemed to get ever longer and harder and thus ever more exhausting, as his sexual frustration deepened, his will to hold out against complete and permanent feminisation was slowly fading. When he had looked into the mirror this morning, he had felt something likeā€¦pride. Rot in hell, again. His eyes fixed to her marvellous, ample breasts. With a strap-on, use it to invade her often. The driver brought the long car to a stop next to the elevator door that would take Beyonce up to her Mistress for the day. You can found a permanent feminization treatment for men, that would fully develop breasts, round the hips, narrow the waist, create a feminine figure and soften the skin , and his body would be feminine for life. Then, if you pass them, all the pain and suffering will be over. Yet instead of the cane biting into his buttocks, a hand had slipped between his legs and gently eased the tormenting vibrator form his stretched, teased arse. He tastes the now very familiar flavours of Helen's silk panties, her sex, her piss, her sweat, and he moans. Oh she wanted to show this bitch what she could give to her and do to her. Sally was now beginning to stir. Actually, everyone probably would. It is not proven that the accused is a thief.

True stories of forced womanhood male enforced chastity sex

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Why Your Guy Likes Male Chastity

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  1. A familiar sensation of complete helplessness washed over him as he wiggled the girdle into its final, figure shaping position. With tears in his big blue eyes, he eventually managed to urinate.

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