Watching sex movies with my sister

The towels were on the car floor at Kirsten's feet. Were you going to jerk off right next to me? Give me the towels. It was super hard and oozing pre-cum. Kirsten was taking an extra-long shower, so I slowly stroked myself to pass the time.

Watching sex movies with my sister

Her breathing was still deep and rapid. I hit the back of Kirsten's throat and her eyes went wide. I'm so turned on with you now, it's crazy. But now that we were alone, the sexual energy was building up again and my cock was growing with every step closer to the room. We were moving across the country in the middle of summer, and my sister and I had left behind a boyfriend and girlfriend. My sister's face was flush and glistening. I was so fucking turned on by the giant load filling Kirsten's hands, that I was starting to see stars. She whimpered and sucked out my pulsing cum. Oh my god," she said. Soon she was cumming on my mouth. I opened the door and Kirsten brushed by me, her soft, warm skin sliding along my arm. I stroked faster and my orgasm built up to the highest edge I've ever felt. Everything turned her on and she had endless, juicy orgasms. The t-shirt was half-way up her ass and I could clearly see her bare pussy lips through the shear, wet panties. Just fucking cum in my mouth. She reached into my lap, causing me to push down to protect my erection from discovery, and I had to give up the phone. She leaned a little closer and said softly, "Were you playing with yourself? One of Kirsten's hands left my butt and went straight to her pussy. Don't freak out, but I'm going to, uh, clean it up myself. I looked over and the front of Kirsten's top was gaping open, exposing a pink, hard nipple on a white, tan-lined breast. I've seen a dick before. Did you like that as much as I did? It felt like the universe was orgasming with us. I grabbed her hips, leaned forward, opened my mouth, and gently dragged my tongue through her wet, hot pussy, from her clit to her ass. She panicked and turned toward me and cupped her bare hands in front of my cock, resting her arms on my thigh.

Watching sex movies with my sister

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The Sister of Ursula (1978)

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  1. Kirsten and I had managed to temporarily block out the memory of earlier events, long enough to eat and deal with mom and dad. It's not like its poison.

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