Which states have legalized same sex marriage

Here is a look at the states that have approved gay marriage. Hide Caption 20 of 33 Photos: Hide Caption 16 of 33 Photos: Hide Caption 10 of 33 Photos: The law was challenged, but voters approved marriage equality in a November referendum. Hide Caption 14 of 33 Photos:

Which states have legalized same sex marriage

After the state legislature passed the measure, Governor Jim Douglas vetoed it. Hide Caption 14 of 33 Photos: Rhode Island state Sen. Because the District of Columbia is not a state, the legislation required congressional approval. Vermont in had become the first state to allow civil unions for gay couples. Hide Caption 9 of 33 Photos: At the state Capitol in St. The law takes effect on July 1. On March 1, , Maryland Gov. Legislators then voted to override his veto. On November 13, , Hawaii Gov. Mark Dayton signs a bill legalizing same-sex marriage on May 14, The court also struck down a key part of the Defense of Marriage Act, a federal law defining marriage as between a man and a woman. The next year, a recall campaign by opponents of same-sex marriage forced three judges from the bench. Hide Caption 16 of 33 Photos: Supreme Court on June 26, Mary Bishop, second from left, and Sharon Baldwin, right, celebrate with family and friends following their wedding ceremony on the courthouse steps in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on October 6, Plaintiffs Laurie Wood, left, and Kody Partridge, center, walk with attorney Peggy Tomsic on December 4, , after a judge heard arguments challenging Utah's same-sex marriage ban. Joshua Gunter, right, and Bryan Shields attend a Las Vegas rally to celebrate an appeals court ruling that overturned Nevada's same-sex marriage ban on October 7, Supreme Court ruling legalizing such nuptials nationwide, Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore directed probate judges in his state to enforce the ban on same-sex marriage. Hide Caption 10 of 33 Photos: Florida began allowing same-sex marriages after a federal judge struck down the state's ban. The legal challenge to Proposition 8 went to the U. Hide Caption 20 of 33 Photos: The issue went to voters in November and in both states voters sided with legalizing same-sex marriage.

Which states have legalized same sex marriage

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'Gay Marriage ruling is a victory for America' Barack Obama - BBC News

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