Who to train a sex slave

Establishing proper behavior and turning these ideas into habits for her can also improve her self-image. Her Master determines her behavior. All of that sexual training was purely for the sake of your entertainment, and the best way to demonstrate this point is to have them sexually pleasure strangers, as well as yourself. My latest Blog Post. This can only be true if it is applied where it is intended to work. It may be helpful to understand reinforcements and punishments and how they apply to changing behavior. Start off with simple and easy tasks, and once it starts to feel more accustomed to servicing you, then you can start to move onto the more complicated stuff.

Who to train a sex slave

Even if they perform their duties to your expectations, you should react negatively. When the push force is greater or equal to the pull force their is no change. This can only be true if it is applied where it is intended to work. C The third step is refreezing. Once they have forgotten the person they were, then you can start molding them into the slave they should be. If she is told to maintain her eyes down, she knows that her Master controls her behavior she realizes that in the long run; she is helpless to act in any other way than maintain eyes down. Once they learn that obedience results in positive results, they will often start to obey more often, hoping to make their lives more comfortable. This is accomplished by rewarding and institutionalizing the new. It means that she has made a decision to allow her Master the right to make her behavioral choices for her. They should feel helpless, inferior, and genuinely willing to serve whenever they are in your presence. Giving my slave pain in proportion to her infringement gives her the realization that I have complete control over her. Typically, people will shy away from new and different behaviors if they view these new and different behaviors as: This stage should begin by training the slave to perform whatever jobs you intend for it to do in the future. Julian Rotter stated that behavior modification requires more than classical or operant conditioning alone. Then it is time to move onto the next phase. You should remind them often that they have nowhere else to go, or that they are too old to receive a public education anymore. Punishing for bad behavior after discussing and admitting bad behavior. By remaining in your home and following your orders, they are given a roof over their head, a satisfying meal, and the stability and calm of knowing what is going to happen to them. The slave came to believe that its duty was only to serve master and that the two actually had a connection that extended beyond the pleasures of the flesh. In fact, you should begin to provide your slave with ever greater rewards for their continued service and submission. Where can I find a submissive girl? A slave in training can also benefit from being placed with other slaves during this stage. Anything less in unacceptable. These are the most favored of slaves, they receive the best rewards, they live in the best luxury, and they serve as an example of what other slaves should aspire to be, lest they become something much worse for their defiance. Of course, if you desire perfectly submissive behavior, there is no better method of training than corporal punishment. Her behavior is directly related to her thoughts and emotions.

Who to train a sex slave

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