Women who will pay for sex

We talked on the phone The levels of trust required are considerable. My client said he was wonderful and she ended up having sex with him. Why would a woman pay for sex? She regularly visits a female sex worker with the full knowledge and support of her partner. As she put it: When the marriage ended, Cheryl decided it was finally time to explore her fantasies of being dominated by a woman. We then spent time cuddling and she talked to me about what I had just experienced and how I was feeling. After a string of unsatisfying romances and nearing the age of 50, Rebecca had almost given up on finding a fulfilling relationship again.

Women who will pay for sex

We talked on the phone However, society overall finds the idea of women paying for sex quite unacceptable. This question is rooted in heteronormative assumptions that men want sex all the time, so why would a woman pay for something that is freely available and plentiful? Reflecting on her experience, Chloe said: As a research team we are also interested to hear from those who sell or buy sex. But, phallocentric scripts around submissive female sexuality are so entrenched that many simply do not consider the fact that women engage sexual services to satisfy their sexual needs. Recently I'm finding there are a lot women in their early thirties who are married and not getting what they want sexually from their partner. A favourite destination is Bali, where women from all parts of the world go to find paradise in the arms of the ' Kuta cowboys '. It would almost be impossible for another man to measure up. She spoke about how she has struggled to talk about sex for most of her adult life. I then had the most mind-blowing orgasm that just went on and on. So if men are paying for sex -- always have and probably always will -- why is paying for sex such a stigma for women? I also see sex workers as educators. They want to gain more experience; they want to explore certain things and can't find anyone else to explore them with safely. It was a huge decision. I'm very open - you can say whatever you want to me and I'll try anything. Many other women have engaged a sex worker to fulfil threesome fantasies with their long-term partners. There's a lot of follow up for me. The study has gained ethical approval and we have very strict ethical protocols in place to protect your privacy. The levels of trust required are considerable. She and her husband decided to fulfil their fantasies at the Love Ranch brothel while on holiday in Las Vegas. Sometimes I just go out for a drink with them because the relationship has grown to that degree. Do you pay for the services of a male or female escort with your partner? Challenge Policy UK prostitution policy and policing is inherently gendered, overlooking female sex buyers. Why should I get involved? Involvement in the research will include an interview with a member of the research team, either face-to-face, over the telephone, via email, Skype or instant messenger.

Women who will pay for sex

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  1. We have previous experience of conducting research into the sex industry, from a sex worker, client and community standpoint. Needed and Important The study has been funded jointly by The British Academy and The Leverhulme Trust, which we believe is recognition that this study is needed and is important.

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